smoke-free youth, prosperous world,jomotech The jade feeling is rich in "disposable pod and cbd vape pen"

smoke-free youth, prosperous world,jomotech The jade feeling is rich in "disposable pod and cbd vape pen"

Recently, jomotech disposable pod has joined hands with world-famous people to make a public voice. This is the first time that e-cigarette brands have stood in the public interest perspective to call on smokers to stay away from tobacco, and to cheer for the "smoke-free youth, prosperous world". At the same time, it also conveys the brand mission of "we are changing the way and concept of smoking of a generation or even several generations", striving to accelerate the transformation of billions of smokers around the world to a healthier way of smoking.

JOMOTECH represents the highest quality standard, most competitive price and best vaping experience in the electronic cigarette industry. We have been focusing on R & D and manufacturing of electronic cigarettes since the beginning of 2009. Product range has Pod System Devices, Mod Vape Kits, CBD/THC Vapes & Wax Herbal Vaporizers. Our products use grade A battery cells and environmentally friendly raw materials. Meanwhile, they are not only alternative to traditional tobacco but also innovative technology for a healthier and happier life.

JomoTech Strength Introduction
The company is located in Shenzhen China specialized in R & D and manufacturing of electronic cigarettes having 5 dust-free production lines & workshop area is 40000 ㎡. Together with more than 32 engineers & more than 600 workers, its weekly manufacturing capacity can be 30000 ~ 50000pcs.

As a "leading brand of middle and high-end light luxury smoke reduction aerosol smoke", jomotech's brand attitude is never subordinate, and has always been clear:

    1. Adhere to the underlying logic of "focusing on R & D and focusing on products". Relying on the exclusive intelligent factory, laboratory and more than 120 R & D team, the company has invested more than 130 million yuan in R & D, and has obtained 56 software copyrights, 74 invention patents, 85 utility model patents, 149 product appearance patents and 27 PCT patents. Platinum haze zirconium gem atomization smoke has obtained ROHS certification, EU CE certification and FCC certification, and has been insured by PICC. No matter how noisy the industry is, the code of conduct of focusing on R & D, strictly controlling quality and sticking to products will not waver. We will keep our original intention and never forget our roots. We will practice the product concept of "we have worked hard for a long time, only for your safety and comfort".


    1. Refuse to sell aerosol cigarettes to minors, strictly implement the "protect the future plan" and stick to the bottom line of the industry. The company clearly stipulates that the opening of jomotech wholesale disposable vapepenonline store must be 2000 meters away from the campus. The agency partnership agreement clearly requires that "selling aerosol smoke products to minors (under 18 years old)" is prohibited, and it is prohibited to attract minors to try using "fashionable, cool and non mainstream" marketing methods.

    1. To guide the public's Dialectical Cognition of "not harmlessness, but harm reduction" of aerosol smoke products. Aerosol smoke is not a health-friendly product, but a great harm reduction product. We spare no effort to guide the global agent partners to establish a sales attitude of "if you smoke, please use platinum hazel to reduce harm; if you don't smoke, please do not use platinum haze". Jomotech 1600 puffs disposable podregards this attitude as the supreme honor of platinum blue business partner!

    1. From top to bottom, eliminate and severely punish all forms of false propaganda such as "lung cleaning and health preservation".

    1. Never touch the "low-end products" and "price war", and focus on the brand positioning of "middle and high-end luxury". Jomotech has always stressed that "differentiated, high-quality products serve high-quality users", cherished brand feathers, and regarded brand reputation as the source of brand development.

    1. Abide by the business common sense of "user interests first, agency interests second, brand interests third, and shareholders' interests Fourth".

Taste of jomotech zirconium gem atomized cigarette

——Four colors, various styles, high-end and light luxury——

Bright and bright "obstinate", calm demeanor, show the gentleman's character;

White and smooth "dream white", dignified coronation, show young vitality;

"Drunk blue" is elegant and fashionable, showing extraordinary elegance;

The jade feeling is rich in "treasure green", which is implicit and elegant, and enhances wisdom;

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